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Can your Business benefit from Telecom Expense Management?


Can you answer the following question?

What is your organisation's total annual spending with telecoms carriers?

If you are unable to answer this question intuitively or promptly then the first key finding from a recent Gartner Research Paper(1) suggests that this may indicate a low focus on telecoms cost control.

The second key finding from the report is that "Organizations that have achieved best practices in using TEM have found the key benefits to be direct annual savings from controlling use and resolving billing errors. While support for audit and compliance is a given, the most intelligent use of TEM is to aid in competitive bidding for contracts, networked infrastructure planning and strategy development."

The report then goes on to make three key recommendations:

  1. Educate all staff involved in networked IT applications on the scope and capabilities of TEM services, not just the accounts payable staff.
  2. Small to large enterprises should test or adopt TEM incrementally until its business case benefits are quantified and sufficiently proved.
  3. As soon as experience permits, move beyond billing analysis, use and leverage expenditure control TEM databases and management summaries for network asset optimisation and new-services planning.

Whatever stage your organisation is at currently, we believe that Accentiva provides a breadth of services that can allow you to test or adopt TEM incrementally and then move through or directly into using our value-added services to enable network asset optimisation and strategic planning.

Do please contact us to see how we can help you.


(1) Geoff Johnson, Is Your Business a Candidate for Savings From Telecom Expense Management?, Gartner Inc.  Dec 2009