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Telecoms Audits

This service encompasses undertaking a one-off or periodic audit of your existing mobile and fixed telecoms assets and billing. The audit will determine the accuracy of suppliers' charges, tariffs and invoicing and compliance with, or indeed existence of, any current contractual terms and conditions. The scope of the audit can be extended to include the creation and/or reconciliation of asset registers so as to ensure that any redundant or duplicate services are identified and disconnected. Additionally, the audit can include verification of location and user details together with identification of associated cost centre or Business Unit details if required and appropriate.

The service includes preparation of all necessary information to support claims for backdated overcharging for either you to pursue directly with your suppliers or for Accentiva to pursue on your behalf.

Most importantly, we can generally offer this service on a no-find, no-fee basis which minimises any commercial risk while you get to know us and we prove our capability.