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Our Clients

Our clients fall into three categories:

Enterprise and Corporate Clients

These are medium to large enterprises with mobile services and fixed telecoms estates either within the UK or across Europe. Clients which stand to benefit the most, in terms of initial cost savings, are those which have a low level of telecoms governance (established by how many invoices are audited, and how often) and where the last audit was undertaken more than three years ago, or not at all! Experience shows that the level of savings that such clients can expect is between 18-23%.

Experience also shows that further significant savings can be made once an accurate picture of the service portfolio has been created, especially if costs are identified truly by service, as this enables accurate benchmarking and network asset optimisation to take place.


The second category of client are consultants, in particular those specialising in procurement and delivering outsourcing strategies. The insights that our services can provide greatly enhance the value that can be obtained when going to the market if tenderers have the confidence that the RFP is detailed and based on reliable and up-to-date information. This is also true when companies seek to outsource their services, as it is far better to present information in terms of the services provided rather than pure circuit and hardware volumetrics.

Many RFPs will contain volumetric data and financial data but without the understanding of the linkages between the two. As Accentiva can build models from the detailed component level upwards, we are able to present costs and volumetrics which are linked, thus enabling accurate business modelling and scenario planning, identifying the impact of changing service levels or other cost drivers for example.

Managed Service Providers

Use us as your sub-contractor. The range of services offered by Accentiva can supplement and enhance the services and capability offered by companies specialising in the provision of outsourced services, especially if their expertise does not sit in the area of TEM. Using our services, such companies can demonstrate to their clients how they are delivering value for money, which is often rewarded within the outsourced contract on a share gain basis.

Alternatively, companies which have outsourced their service provision may choose to use Accentiva to ensure they are continuing to get value for money and to ensure accuracy of invoicing and asset inventory management by undertaking periodic benchmarking and auditing.