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Accentiva awarded Technology Strategy Board Innovation Grant


Fri 20 July 2012 10:44

The Accentiva team are very pleased to announce that we have been offered a Technology Strategy Board grant after a successful bid in collaboration with one of our partner companies.

The award is under a competition covering Feasibility Studies for Technology-Inspired Innovation -“ Information and Communications Technology (ICT). The project is to investigate the feasibility of developing robust, highly accurate, low cost multi-distributed sensors and communications for deployment by non-skilled staff and delivering automated analysis of cracks in properties caused by subsidence and heave in clay soils.

Accentiva will lead the project with their collaborative partner ASH Wireless Electronics, a creative design consultancy who are experts in wireless technologies. Together, our expertise includes operational management, business development, IT systems, telecommunications, innovation, wireless communications, sensor design and prototyping. The project provides the opportunity to focus this expertise on an industry sector which is new to both companies, a skill for which both companies already have a historical track record.

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