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Telecoms Expense Management (TEM) – Features and Benefits

This service has all the features of the standard telecoms audit, albeit it is current and updated on a monthly basis, plus the following:

Service Features Customer Benefits
Monthly reconciliation of costs, user details and asset inventories. Up to date management information enabling stakeholders to take immediate action in relation to addressing issues identified, thus enabling savings which cannot be secured historically.
On-Line management system shows consolidated cost, asset and user information in common format regardless of supplier. All information found on one system regardless of supplier which enables full transparency across users, services and suppliers.
Analysis of Management Information at detailed level to enable provision of Service Cost Models. This provides stakeholders with transparency of full service costs which supports a broader insight into the cost baseline, more accurate benchmarking and recharge and, perhaps most important, the ability to better understand the options available to influence those costs.
The ability to track cost drivers and build these into the cost model so as to enable accurate and up to date recharges. Cost model and drivers can provide monthly input into Internal Finance Team's Recharge Model whilst also enabling customers to drill down into the detail behind the headline numbers.
Annual. Quarterly and Monthly forecasts can be built into models. Stakeholders can track actuals against budgets and quarterly forecasts to support BAU and medium term planning.
Costs can be identified between Opex, one-off project cost pass-through and Capex. Stakeholders have transparency of total supplier spend against Opex, Project and Capex costs -  important in context of supplier/contract management.
Focused reporting and text/email/ instant messaging alerts can be sent to specified stakeholders to alert them of variances over and above agreed thresholds. Pro-active reporting and alerts help managers focus on those elements which require their immediate action or attention without causing them information overload.
Call management analysis and reporting

Enables effective management of variable costs through provision of transparency which can drive managerial action or technical solutions to reduce and minimise cost.