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Telecoms Audits - Scope and Opportunities

The scope of any audit can be as broad or narrow as you so wish. For example, it could be restricted initially to reconciling all invoices and billing data over a three month period against standard or bespoke pricing schedules and any associated contractual terms and conditions. Generally it is common that errors found in this way will have occurred over a period of time, for example since the beginning of the contract, contract extension or annual price increase. It is possible in most cases to submit backdated claims for up to six years. Such claims will result in a one-off credit.

The scope can be increased however to include many more aspects, many of which require specialist knowledge or additional information to identify, for example, identification of redundant circuits. Once cancelled, any savings will be carried forward into future months and will result in an on-going reduction in Opex spend. Sometimes such findings can also lead to backdated claims when a supplier has failed to act on a formal cancellation request.

Accentiva's audits will cover any or all of the cost and savings areas shown below, dependent upon your requirements. As the audit scope is increased, so will the opportunity to make savings. It is therefore quite possible that, even though your telecoms estate has already been audited, not all aspects have been covered, and the golden nugget could still be sitting there waiting to be found.

Cost Area Savings Area Savings Opportunity
Rental (Fixed Cost) Asset management Identify redundant connections - locations no longer occupied
Asset management Identify redundant connections - zero usage
Asset management Identify redundant services - additional services relating to disconnected connections
Billing administration Identify incorrect tariff/rates
Billing administration Application of discount schemes - applied correctly?
Billing administration Challenge miscellaneous costs incl. interest charges for non-payment
Billing administration Reconcile rental periods incl. connections/ disconnections
Commercial Application of discount schemes - applied?
Commercial Benchmark tariffs/rates
Contract management Review age and currency of contract
Contract management Review compliance with any special contract terms e.g. service credits
Contract management Reconcile minimum contract spend
Contract management Challenge lump sums
Service management Review appropriateness of 'additional services' such as SLAs
Usage (Variable Cost) Billing administration Reconcile tariffs
Commercial Benchmark rates
Operations Identify potential to reroute calls, e.g. Mobex
Operations Optimise calling profiles
Service governance Identify inappropriate/high use/contracted bands
Service governance Top 20 usage/destinations
Service governance Top 20 users
Service governance Identify private usage
Technical (Fixed & Variable Costs) Operations Reduce data usage through appropriate use of technology
Operations Optimise roaming calls
Operations Review dial plan