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Telecoms Audits - Features & Benefits

Service Features Customer Benefits
Recognised as being able to deliver savings of between 3% and 23% dependent upon level of governance and date of last audit Historical audits recover overpayment, identify stranded assets and increase budget efficiency. ROI, with minimal risk, should ensure executive-level support and sponsorship
Audits can be undertaken on a no-find, no-fee basis Minimises customer's financial risk and guarantees financial return
Audits can be undertaken on mobile or fixed telecommunication services, including LAN, WAN and Call Centre services and incl. hardware and software support and maintenance components All telecoms services can be covered by an audit, generally prioritised by potential savings
Audits can be undertaken for single or multiple suppliers Not supplier dependent, including services CPS'd from BT
Many vendors only audit at a summary level. Accentiva audit to the lowest level of service detail when CSR data can be obtained Although additional cost recapture when auditing below summary level may not be substantial, it has its rewards from a network service element characterisation which is necessary for full audit compliance
Audits can be undertaken on a Country by Country basis Audits can be undertaken for Customers whose operations span multiple countries
Invoiced services can be matched against current customer inventory databases Asset reconciliation possible by matching against operational databases enabling identification of redundant services
Can be done in phases by supplier or product Initial assessment can often deliver Quick Wins which enables early management buy-in
Audits can cover billing over the last six years Credits due, when found, can often be multiplied in value by going back over up to six years of data