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In addition to our analytical capability we have a number of associates that work seamlessly with us so that we are able to provide specialist telecoms technical expertise where the project or service requires such added value.

For example, through our associate ewave Consulting we are able to offer:

  • Project Management
  • Programme Management
  • In-Building Coverage Evaluation, Design and Installation - Mobile Voice and Data
  • Fixed Network Design and Planning - network extensions and bespoke customer connections
  • Information gathering, survey and logistics - in order to enhance coverage for fixed and mobile operators
  • Services to the Commercial Property Sector - specialised telecommunications studies and appraisals

In the last year, Accentiva, in collaboration with ASH Wireless Electronics, Dave Tyler of Structural Monitoring Services and Cliff Walton of PPA Energy, has developed a bespoke sensor and remote monitoring solution which is currently undergoing proof of concept trials with a number of Subsidence Loss Adjusters in the UK. We propose to shortly establish a new spin-off company, with others, to offer a commercial remote monitoring service and to develop further products and services. The concepts were developed and proven to date by the successful conclusion of a recent TSB Feasibility Study. ASH Wireless are experts in wireless communications, sensor design  and prototyping and has previously delivered award-winning designs in sectors as diverse as aerospace and consumer electronics and, to date, has generated over ten patents.