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About Us

Accentiva is a new and vibrant company formed to enable companies to reduce costs through the effective commercial management of their telecoms contracts, billing and assets. Our services draw on more than seven years in-house experience of delivering multi-million pound savings whilst commercially managing a £16m portfolio of fixed and mobile telecoms services for one of the UK's largest energy companies.

One feature underpins all our services – that is the ability to provide customers with a clear and accurate picture of the services that they are paying for – this enables managers, consultants and staff to make strategic, tactical, operational and personal decisions, which invariably result in cost reduction.

This picture is achieved using a number of different tools including Excel, bespoke telecoms billing software, Business Intelligence software and even Geographical Information Systems (GIS) which display information spatially. Our unique selling point is not the software or applications themselves however – it is the commercial, technical and project management acumen to turn this information into knowledge and actionable tasks to support the achievement of key business objectives.

Details of our services can be found under Our Services or, alternatively, get in touch by phone, email or via the Contact Us page to see how we can help you.

Accentiva can make a positive contribution to your company, even if you have used similar services in the past or you need to supplement your existing resources – remember, our Telecoms Audit services are generally offered on a no find, no fee basis.